For Patients

New Patients
Please complete a Patient Registration form before your appointment. Plan on arriving 15 minutes prior to your schedule visit time to finalize your registration. Please be sure to bring the completed registration form, a copy of your insurance cards and a photo ID.

What to expect with Cardiac Surgery Associates
Cardiac Surgery Associates offers comprehensive medical care for you and your family. With over 36 physician and 24 locations CSA serves the four corners of the Midwest, with locations in Iowa, Rockford, Urbana and Indianapolis. CSA prides itself on using the most up to date medical technology to provide the best care possible to our patients. Our mission is to compassionately restore the fullness of health to patients and their families through surgical excellence, technology and dedication.

Patient Health Records
To request a copy of your medical record, please download and print the following instructions and authorization for release of Health Information.

  1. Authorization for Release of Health Information from CSA
  2. Authorization for Release of Health Information from other Healthcare Facilities

Preparing for your Surgery

  • Verify your insurance and benefits
  • Attempt to pre-certify your surgery, if necessary
  • Send you notification if there are any problems with your insurance
  • Contact you five to seven days before your surgery to discuss your past medical history and answer any questions you may have
  • Contact you the day before surgery with the time you should be at the hospital


  • Make sure to complete all pre-operative testing (Labs, X-rays. EKG, etc.) that your doctor may have ordered
  • Make a list of all medication you are currently taking including dose and frequency
  • Contact your insurance company if you have any questions regarding your benefits
  • Notify us of any changes to your health prior to your scheduled surgery date